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Mosaic Partnerships is a program offered by Idea Connections Consulting Group that utilizes a systemic methodology to expeditiously build trusting relationships between diverse people. The program provides a means to build social capital in diversity and resolve issues relating to human difference within communities and organizations. 

Research demonstrates that communities with high social capital-socially connected and trusting-tend to have less crime, fewer social problems, better performing academic institutions, and citizenry that are healthier and happier. In addition, these communities enjoy faster economic growth as they attract businesses and talent by creating an environment of welcomed diversity and mutual cooperation. This environment not only attracts and retains diverse talent but provides the condition necessary for that talent to be actualized, allowing a community the benefit of the full range its human potential.

Social Capital's impact on social and economic development:

Social capital acts to lubricate the economic life of a community. Harvard University Professor Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone

"Social capital is the glue that holds societies together and without which there can be no economic growth or human well-being." The World Bank, Social Capital: The Missing Link?

Economies whose citizens have high social capital will dominate the 21 st century.

Francis Fukuyama, author of Trust

Development of the Mosaic Partnerships Program:

  • In 2001, Mayor of Rochester , New York William A. Johnson launched the "Bi-Racial Partnerships for Community Progress" (now called "Mosaic Partnerships") to address race relations issues in Rochester . Over the past three years, the Program has brought together more than 250 leaders in the Rochester community from various sectors of the community, including business, government, education, religious, non-profit, etc. This year 350 more leaders of the Rochester community will participate in the Program.
  • In 2004, Greensboro , North Carolina adopted the Program to address a concern around the level of trust and cooperation among its diverse population. In November 2005, 140 leaders of the greater Greensboro community came together in a sea of diversity to celebrate the completion of the first year in Greensboro . At least two more years of the Program are planned for the community, which will include nearly 500 additional leaders.

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