Cultural Diversity, Diversity Conferences

Background and Mission
The Workforce Diversity Network (WDN) is one of the nation’s leading networks of professionals and organizations. We are dedicated to being a catalyst to enhance professional development, understanding, promotion and management of diversity and inclusion as an essential part of organizational success.

We provide our members with easy access to solutions-based organizational development, consulting, training and networking with other high quality organizations.

Founded in 2005, the WDN was built upon the unique and successful model of the Greater Rochester Diversity Council, which has presented some of the nation's largest-attended conferences on workforce diversity since the mid 1990s.

Our primary focus is to create a learning community in the business world to address diversity and its benefits. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is through our major diversity conferences, which have been presented every other year since 1996 and attract hundreds of attendees from across the country.







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