We are proud to recognize the following members of the Workforce Diversity Network. To visit a member company Web site, please click on the member's logo.


  Jerry DiBartolo, Director of Operations

Elissa Sikora, Talent Manager


Michelle Gutschow, HR Manager

  Erin A. Glanton, HR Manager 
  Tassie Demps, Director of HR Management
  Jennifer Leonard, President and CEO
  Joseph Searles, Corporate Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  Carol A. Roselle, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  Juanita Lyde, Project Manager, Cultural Competency and Health Literacy
  Ann Maynard, Maynard HR Consulting, Managing Director
  Jennifer Lake, Director of People Resources
  Robert J. Duffy, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mario Domanti, Director of Human Resources

  Rhonda M. Noto, Director of Human Resources

Robin Antill, Director of Human Resources


Sandra Katz, Director of Chaplaincy

  Mary Anne Detmer, Director of Global Diversity, Worldwide Talent, Inclusion & Engagement, Vice President, Human Resources
  Bonnie Hebert, Director of Human Resources
  Kristen Lowe, Assistant to President, Title IX and Inclusion
  Jill Parker, HR Generalist
  Steve Jarose, Director

April Hill, Director of Human Resources


Amy Gould, Vice President for People


Mike D’Arcangelo, Director Diversity Education

  Maisha Enaharo, Administrator, Department of Pediatrics; Chair, RGHS Cultural Competency Committee
  April Dixon, Parent Education Specialist
  Yantee Slobert
Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Programs
  Diane Wiley, VP of Work Life
  Sherry Thomas, Recruitment and Employment Coordinator
  Wynndy Turner, Sr. VP & Chief Human Resources Officer
  Janice Holland, Manager Staff Diversity and Community Engagement
  Karen Loughlin, Talent Sourcing & Diversity Manager
  Fernan R. Cepero, Vice President, Human Resources
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  Jean Carroll, President & CEO

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