Outstanding Educational Opportunities

The Workforce Diversity Network (WDN) is recognized for presenting some of the most outstanding educational programs nationally on workplace diversity. Our highly successful conferences have been among the largest conferences on workplace diversity ever held in the United States.

The WDN brings outstanding educational opportunities on diversity to businesses and organizations. We offer a variety of venues for learning because we recognize that learning comes in many forms - from collaborating and participating in programs to meeting different people and creating new contacts.

In addition to sponsoring major conferences, we also present other symposia on diversity in the workplace, featuring the nation's leading experts. Monthly meetings provide members with the opportunity for continuous learning through timely discussions and sharing best practices.

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The issue regarding diverse work forces is not whether organizations will or will not become diverse, because population and cultural changes will dictate that they do. The real issue is how prepared organizations will be to operate with the talents a diverse work force brings.


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