Workforce Diversity Network
Member Annual Training and Consulting Benefit
Terms and Conditions

For Leadership and Premier Member Levels

Consulting and training is limited to subjects that directly support the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives such as strategic planning, coaching and leadership development. It does not include activities related to legal issues, dispute resolution, mediation, and similar HR interventions.

Training and consulting services delivered locally are provided in a minimum of four-hour blocks. If overnight travel is required, the minimum is eight hours. There will be flexibility within the time frames. For example, two two-hour sessions could be planned for different groups within a four-hour block of time.
Travel and lodging expenses are not included and, if required, will be billed separately.

Subjects offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Disabilities
  • Biases & stereotypes
  • Diversity & inclusion strategic planning
  • Diversity leadership
  • Cultural assessments
  • Diversity of thought
  • Cultural competency
  • Generational diversity
  • Mental health issues in the workplace
  • Sexual orientation
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Micro inequities
  • Developing a culture of trust
  • Innovation and diversity
    To Become a Member
  1. Complete the member application (PDF)
  2. Return it by mail or fax to: Workforce Diversity Network, 150 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614, (585) 224-2728 (fax)
A representative will contact you if additional information is required and to confirm your membership. Applications are reviewed and subject to approval by the WDN Board of Directors.

Questions and More Information

  • For more information on membership, how to join, benefits, or to have someone call you, please contact Mike Streeter.
  • If you are unable to download the above information click here if you would like a Membership Information packet mailed to you.

Benefits subject to change.

This page last updated: 8/2/10

What Our Members Say

“Organizations seeking innovative ideas, a variety of perspectives
on diversity and how to dialogue on creating an inclusive organization will benefit greatly from becoming a WDN member. Having easy access to others for benchmarking discussions
on general topics or current trends is
extremely valuable.”
— Ernest Hicks, Manager, Xerox Corporate Diversity Office
Founding Member, since 1996

“Our participation has positively impacted our company’s diversity and inclusion agenda because we are exposed to organizations of
different sizes and have realized that the strategy might be different but the
commitment is the same.”
— Portia James, Director of Diversity
Leadership, Wegmans
Founding Member, since 1996

“An exciting segment added to this past year’s meetings has been sharing informational and experiential
training/staff development materials that provide additional tools to utilize within our individual constituencies.…this consortium
serves as a value-added component to our diversity and inclusion efforts.”
— Stan Byrd, HR Manager-Organizational Development, University of Rochester, Member since 1998

“For non-profit organizations, in
times of tight budgets, it is an economical way to network and gain knowledge about the ongoing
changes in diversity. Exposure to many types of companies and how they are managing diversity is a key benefi t. I can’t thank the WDN enough for your insightful programs and
also helping us to achieve the Planned Parenthood Diversity award in 2006.”
— Nancy Uruttia, Corporate Director,
Planned Parenthood, Member since 2005


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