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Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts helps you become a more effective communicator in today’s diverse business environment.

The book provides guidelines for communicating respect and inclusion, a six-step model for how to recover when you have unintentionally said something you wish you hadn't and your foot is in your mouth, and 12 techniques for speaking up against bias and stereotypes.

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by Leslie Aguilar

Published by WALK THE TALK Company, Dallas, TX, 2006

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Minority Recruiting… Building the Strategies and Relationships for Effective Minority Recruiting
by William (Bill) Shackelford

This is a timeless book. Originally published in 1996, its approach to minority recruiting is still relevant today.
The book provides proven strategies for campus-based and experienced minority recruiting that have allowed major corporations, government agencies and small private firms to create recruitment programs that provide a continuous flow of outstanding minority talent into their organizations. By teaching organizations how to streamline their efforts and focus on activities proven to provide results, many organizations have achieved greater minority recruiting success with fewer resources.

Part I of the book provides strategies for campus-based recruiting. Part II looks at the unique challenges associated with identifying experienced minority employees. The last section provides invaluable information on how campus officials can build mutually beneficial relationships with supporters.

“If you are serious about finding highly qualified (minority) applicants, then you must read this book and do what it tells you to do.” -- George W. Farmer, Jr.
Chief, Diversity Management Staff


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