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Diversity & Inclusion: It’s Our Business - Module Objectives

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Educating employees about diversity & inclusion is a challenge for most organizations … but we can help!

D&IDiversity & Inclusion: It's our Business is a self-paced, guided learning experience that engages your leaders in critical learning and skill-building.

The six modules, approximately 20 minutes each, cover a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics. The content is contemporary, pertinent, customizable, and it's not boring! Your employees will actually wantto complete these modules!


This on-line course will help supervisors, managers, and other leaders to:  
  • Understand and communicate the Business Case for diversity and inclusion
  • Demonstrate they value and respect diversity in all aspects of their role
  • Respond appropriately to diversity-related situations with customers and employees
  • Expand awareness of themselves and other
Key concepts include

Diversity " Representation " Respect & Inclusion " Perception " Stereotypes & Generalizations " Bias & Prejudice " Discrimination " Collusion " Cumulative Impact " Equity & Equality " Humor " Ally Behavior " Myths & Misperceptions " Bias-free Customer Service " Cultural Competence " Legal Guidelines " The Business Case " and more


Benefits to Learners
  • Learn at their own pace and in their own space
  • Chunk learning into short periods for better retention
  • Access information when needed
  • Revisit key information and concepts, as needed
  • Experience various learning and interaction methodologies
Benefits to Organization
  • Eliminate travel and classroom costs
  • Ensure consistency of message
  • Easily reach employees across multiple locations & time zones
  • Reuse the learning to reinforce key messages without additional costs
  • Access to reporting metrics

Goal: To expand Diversity and Inclusion knowledge, awareness, comfort level and competency for Supervisors and Managers



Module 1
• Understand and communicate the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion
• Consistently demonstrate you value and respect diversity

Key Concepts Covered

• Defining Diversity
• Dimensions of Diversity
• Valuing Diversity
• Respect and Inclusion
• Demographics and Business Implications
• The Other “Bottom Line”
• Guiding Principles / Legal Guidelines
• Representation
• Addressing Diversity Concerns in Staffing
• Speaking Up vs. Collusion
• The Leader as Role Model
• Expanding your Awareness
• Diversity & Inclusion Tools and Resources



Module 2
• Expand your awareness of race and ethnicity
• Support an inclusive environment for employees, guests and vendors
• Practice responding appropriately to diversity-related situations with guests


Similar Yet Unique: Race & Ethnicity

• Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Language
• The Human Race – The Human Genome
• Project Demographics
• Perception
• Discounting and Discrimination
• Guiding Principles / Legal Guidelines
• Addressing Diversity Concerns in Guest Service • Expanding your Awareness
• Race & Ethnicity Tools and Resources




Module 3
•Expand your knowledge of gender
•Explore stereotypes
•Recognize and stop behaviors that devalue others


Everyone Has One: Gender

• Gender and Gender Identity
• Dender Socialization
• Business and Work / Life Implications
• Stereotypes and Generalizations
• Bias and Prejudice
• Silent Collusion
• Ally Behavior
• Guiding Principles / Legal Guidelines
• Addressing Diversity Concerns in Vendor
• Expanding Awareness
• Gender Tools and Resources



Module 4
• Expand awareness of age and generations
• Create an environment of respect and inclusion for guests and employees of all ages


Stronger Together: Age & Generation

•Generations in the Workforce
•Generational Influences on Individuals
•Myths and Misperceptions
•Guiding Principles / Legal Guidelines
•Equity and Equality
•Stereotyping Employees and Guests
•Bias-Free Guest Service
•Inclusion and Respect
•Cultural Competence
•Guiding Principles / Legal Guidelines
•Addressing Diversity Concerns in Teams and Guest Service
•Expanding your Awareness
•Age & Generations Tools and Resources



Module 5
• Expand your awareness of LGBT communities, and by doing so, create new insights
• Provide tools and resources so you can model valuing and respecting diversity of employees and guests


New Insights: LGBT Community

• Sexual Orientation
• Inclusion and Respect
• Being an Ally
• The Business Case for Inclusion
• Facts and Fiction
• Guiding Principles / Legal Guidelines
• Addressing Guest Bias Towards Employees
• Expanding Your Awareness
• LGBT Tools and Resources



Module 6
• Review and apply key Diversity and Inclusion concepts
• Demonstrate mastery of these concepts by completing a scenario-based Check-Out Test


Valuing & Respecting Diversity

• Diversity and Inclusion
• Representation
• Stereotypes and Myths
• Bias, Prejudice and Discrimination
• Social Status and Appearance
• Silent Collusion
• Ally Behavior
• Equitable Treatment
• Addressing Team and Guest Diversity Concerns
• Your Role as Leader


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