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Getting Along: Words of Encouragement DVD -- With Spanish Language Voice Over

By Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.

If you love the original Getting Along DVD as much as we do, you'll relish this new version -- same great words and music, but now accompanied by a soothing and inclusive Spanish language voice over. Give it a try -- if you aren't completely convinced your group will benefit from it, just drop it in the mail, no questions asked. (We're easy to "Get Along" with.)

Our Top-Selling Getting Along Video - In Spanish!
This popular motivational video is now available with a Spanish language voice over. The phrases shown on the screen are still in English while a voice reads the phrases in Spanish. This format makes the DVD perfect for Spanish only speakers, those who are bi-lingual, and those who strive to become bi-lingual.

It is the same 4 1/4-minute video that has captured the attention of corporations, schools, trainers and consultants because it is thought-provoking, flexible, and affordable. It reminds all types of audiences to live and work together with open hearts and open minds. Getting Along supports a broad range of topics including:

  • Diversity
  • Bias Reduction
  • Employee Orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Expatriate Training
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Cross-Cultural/International Business

Video Content Licensing Available
Would you like to license the content of Getting Along? This option would allow you to put the video on your corporate intranet, incorporate it into another training DVD, or make multiple copies for distribution to your team. Just click here to inquire about details.

Easy Preview:
Click here to preview the Spanish version of Getting Along: Words of Encouragement.


"As a bi-lingual American, I was moved by both the content and narration of this new version of the Getting Along DVD. The perfect Spanish and captivating voice make it clear that this motivational video is designed to bring us together, not keep us apart."
Gil Cabrera, Esq., The Cabrera Firm APC

"The Spanish version of the video Getting Along is fantastic! The message is deeply moving, meaningful, and, most important, valuable in any workplace. In addition, the Spanish narration is delightful."
Armida Mendez-Russell, CEO DiversityFIRSTT Consulting

"It's the kind of tool we are always looking for - short and simple in format, yet profound in content. A great return on your investment."
Dee Peters, Principal Financial Group



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