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I Remember When... The Generational Trivia Challenge By Bob Wendover

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I Remember When... is the perfect training game for promoting understanding across the generations. Use it as a source of education and entertainment for classes, retreats, training, and other corporate gatherings. Create competitions between co-workers, class members, teams, departments, divisions, and even customers. 

Simply insert the disc into your computer. The program will launch automatically. Decide on the number of players or teams. Identify their generations. Decide on the number of rounds and you’re ready to play. The game keeps score, times the rounds and prompts the players. Use the facilitator's guide to deliver a complete training session and to accomplish your age-diversity goals. No other resource on this subject provides so much training value and fun at the same time!

This is a great way to foster cross-generational awareness

Just think about it - more than 700 questions on four generations of history and pop culture. Your people will argue. They will laugh. They will discuss. But most importantly. . . they will learn. The Center's training staff uses I Remember When in the sessions we conduct. We know it works because we use it ourselves!

This package also includes a 40 page downloadable supplement full of information about the generations, case studies, frequently asked questions and a facilitator's guide for turning this game into a memorable training session. Besides using it for a cross-generational training session, use it as an ice breaker as a way to provide some entertaining breaks during content-rich seminars and sessions. 

The Top 10 Ways People are Using I Remember When in the Workplace:

  • As an ice breaker during new employee orientations
  • As a diversity training tool during conferences
  • As a non-threatening way to get people talking about their differences
  • As a way to break up content-intensive training sessions
  • As a low-cost emotional release for today's rushed and tension-filled workplaces
  • As an ice breaker during customer conferences or meetings
  • Placing it on the organization's learning management system as an enrichment course or for continuing education credit
  • As the topic of a "lunch-and-learn" seminar
  • As a team-building exercise for cross-generational project groups
  • To attract visitors into the company booth during a tradeshow

Order I Remember When right now and take advantage of this unique way to build teamwork and relationships within your organization.




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