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Can Managers Keep Up with the Rapid Changes in Diversity?
Don’t Miss the Nation’s Foremost Conference on Workforce Diversity May 22-24, 2006

How do you create a workplace that honors differences and enables people to be effective?

That is the job all leaders and managers need to tackle - to understand the diversity of their people and themselves in a way that can be leveraged and applied to bring success to an organization.

Diversity experts agree that organizations must understand what managing workforce diversity is all about.

"If you are going to be competitive and successful you have to create a workplace that works for everybody in it," says Mike Streeter, Executive Director of the Workforce Diversity Network.

"It's not a matter of what could be or should be - it is a matter of what is necessary."

To attract and retain the best and the brightest and stay on top of the workplace and how it is evolving one has to attend events like Diversity 2006.

The challenges of managing diversity have always been present in the workplace, but as the pace of change has accelerated due to improving technology, faster information flow and the elimination of geographic barriers, the need to embrace and leverage all dimensions of workforce diversity has taken on a new sense of urgency.

Savvy leaders recognize that to attract and retain the best and the brightest and stay on top of the workplace and how it is evolving, they absolutely must participate in events like Diversity 2006.

"Diversity 2006 introduces training for business leaders that will assist them in creating successful diversity business models that cut across their  organizations," says Bill Simpson, Director of Human Resources for Nixon Peabody LLP, the nationally-recognized law firm and Diversity 2006 Principal Sponsor.

"Knowing your human resource infrastructure, and understanding the importance of creating a diverse inclusive workforce, will leverage any company's ability toward meeting its business goals. By understanding the moral and business reasons for diversity, and designing effective ways to transfer this energy into your workplace, management can create a powerful organization that continues to build on itself and sustained growth almost becomes  exponential," adds Simpson. "Conference attendees will also have networking opportunities to discuss key diversity issues, in an informal setting, with speakers and other participants."

Diversity 2006 attendees will be able to explore key areas demanding attention including generational, global and cultural changes. From hearing from leading experts and innovative thinkers to networking with colleagues from organizations all over the country, this is an event that will provide lasting and important value.

"Some organizations think they are up to date but they are far from it, which makes it more difficult to attract the best people," noted Alfreda Brown, Chair of the Workforce Diversity Network and Chair, Commission for Promoting Pluralism for Rochester Institute of Technology. "Diversity 2006 will help you sustain time-honored principals that drive successful organizations yet also embrace what's new to make you more effective as you go forward."

Workforce diversity planning is a mainstream business imperative
Your company no doubt has a strategy for soliciting new business, improving quality and productivity. Diversity planning must be part of this overall strategy…including benchmarking with other companies, establishing performance expectations, and holding leaders accountable for results.

So join your colleagues at Diversity 2006, a powerful learning experience where you can share ideas, build relationships, and work with expert practitioners and peers who are dealing with similar challenges and responsibilities. This collective dialogue truly reflects the power of diversity and will help you develop effective strategies and solutions for your organization in ways no one could do alone.

Registration for Diversity 2006 coming soon! For up-to-date information on the agenda and who is presenting, sign up for E NEWS today!


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