Thursday, August 9

SafeZone Training

Appropriate Audience: All are welcome

Time: 9am-1pm

Description of Program: The LGBTQ Academy SafeZone Training is a 4 hour, dynamic, interactive workshop that includes activities and discussion around: LGBTQ+ inclusive and respectful language, the process of coming out, understanding sex, gender and sexuality, taking action and where to go for help or resources. This session will give participants the skills they need to provide support and to create environments that are safe and inclusive so that all people are empowered to reach their full potential.

Note: Taking this training is the first step towards becoming an LGBTQ Academy Speakers Bureau Member.

Location: The LGBTQ Academy's Education Center (Out Alliance 100 College Avenue. Rochester, NY 14607). There is free parking in the lot next to our building.

Registration Fee: $75 (which includes: a SafeZone Manual, SafeZone sticker, SafeZone lapel pin and breakfast) 

To Register: Go to this page and click the top button on the right.

Wednesday, September 19

Senior Services Provider SafeZone Training

Appropriate Audience: Senior Service Providers

Tim: 11am to 4pm

Description of Program: Many LGBTQ+ seniors are extremely vulnerable as they age. They may return to "the closet" after years of living authentically, for fear of being mistreated by health and aging care professionals. Having lived in a time when LGBTQ+ people faced involuntary electroshock therapy, arrests for "sexual deviance" and being diagnosed with a mental illness simply for being themselves, the LGBTQ+ older adult community can experience heightened anxiety and distrust around aging care services. Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ older adults are also less likely than their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts to have children or other nuclear family members to support their well-being as they age. This dynamic and interactive workshop will provide information about: the risks and realities of LGBTQ+ older adults, tips for being inclusive and respectful in our language, understanding the process of coming out for older adults, the components of sex, gender and sexuality, as well as strategies for working toward inclusiveness, where LGBTQ+ older adults are able to acknowledge their life experiences and age with dignity and respect.

Location: The LGBTQ Academy's Education Center (100 College Avenue. Rochester, NY 14607). There is free parking in the lot next to our building.

Registration Fee: $85 – Includes: SafeZone manual, a SafeZone lapel pin and sticker, a certificate of course completion and lunch.

To Register, go to this page and click the second button on the right.

Monday, September 24 and Tuesday, September 25

SafeZone Train-The-Trainer Certification Program

Appropriate Audience: Anyone who wishes to be trained in running SafeZone Trainings

Description of Program: The LGBTQ Academy SafeZone Train-The-Trainer Certification Program is a highly interactive 2 day course. During this course, participants will be coached in running SafeZone trainings and offered opportunities to ask and answer questions in a supportive environment using the teaching skills that they acquire. Each participant will receive a SafeZone Training manual that will provide a complete course guide for running SafeZone Trainings, a review of material from the course, best practices for successful facilitation, suggested reading to extend knowledge, handouts to use in future SafeZone Trainings, a certificate of course completion and an official SafeZone sticker and lapel pin. On-going support will be provided to all participants for up to 3 years following the presentation to offer assistance and access to all of our updated materials.

Location: The LGBTQ Academy's Education Center (Out Alliance 100 College Avenue. Rochester, NY 14607). There is free parking in the lot next to our building.

Registration Fee: $350 – Includes all of the information and support listed above, as well as two breakfasts and two lunches.

To Register: Go to this page and click the button on the right.

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