GRDC News - December 2003

The Health of Women in the Finger Lakes Region
The Finger Lakes Health Systems agency (FLHSA) has issued a special report on the health of women. FLHSA analyzed the available health and demographic data about women in the nine-county Finger Lakes region in order to provide area health care providers, insurers, consumers and community organizations objective information as they plan for the future health care needs of our communities.

There has been increasing recognition among health care researchers, policymakers and clinicians that women's health care utilization and health issues vary significantly from men's. These differences must be considered when providing health services to women or developing strategies for improving women's health status.

As health care in the region becomes increasingly competitive, FLHSA assesses the effects of that change on the community. It does this by tracking shifts in access to health services and insurance, monitoring changes in health status of the population, assessing health needs in the community, and providing community-wide health data.

The report covers demographics, access to care, mortality, diseases and chronic conditions, infectious diseases, lifestyle, behavioral health, and domestic violence.

Read Report - PDF (1 MB)
You may request a printed copy of the report and other FLHSA publications by calling or writing:

Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
1150 University Avenue
Rochester New York 14607
Phone: 585-461-3520
Fax: 585-461-0997
TTY: 585-461-4075

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Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency (FLHSA) is a health planning organization whose mission is to promote the delivery of accessible, affordable health care services to the population of the region. From its origins in the 1950s, health planning has been an integral part of this community's health care system and has been supported by community leaders, health care providers, insurers, and county governments.



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