GRDC News - October 2004

Diversity 2004 an Outstanding Experience
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“Great sessions…more inclusive than any I have attended… informative and energizing.” These are just some of the many positive comments received from attendees of Diversity 2004, the largest conference ever presented by the Greater Rochester Diversity Council. Hundreds of participants attended from 130 companies across the U.S.

”Feedback from attendees, exhibitors and presenters was overwhelmingly positive,” said Mike Streeter, GRDC Executive Director. “Speakers remarked that “there was a real spirit” that they have not found at other events. This confirmed for us that we’re on the right path, that there is a real demand for events like this that bring people together who are at all levels of experience and expertise w/ respect to diversity initiatives.”

“People are already asking about when the next conference will be. This was definitely a catalyst for a lot of new activity and thinking in many organizations that will continue throughout the year, added Streeter.

The three-day event featured more than 40 of the nation’s leading experts on workforce diversity. In addition to an extensive choice of high-quality presentations, people took advantage of networking, making connections with people from other organizations that will follow well past the conference.

Alfreda Brown, GRDC Chair noted, “These major conferences really spark our thinking about what more we can do to help organizations drive forward their diversity initiatives. Our conferences have always featured a broad business scope. We will continue to focus on that but based on the positive responses we received from the post conference symposium on health care we will also look at other industries that can benefit from dedicated educational events on diversity issues.”

Brown conveyed her sincere thanks to Diversity 2004's sponsors. "We are extremely grateful to our sponsors - especially Principal Sponsor Eastman Kodak Company - for investing in this important educational event and making it possible for us to bring a unique breadth and depth of thought and ideas to the table for discussion. We are also appreciative to the presenters for their participation, to the more than 25 exhibitors, and of course all those who attended."

”The success of Diversity 2004 comes on the heels of the GRDC’s continuing growth. In the past two years, membership in the GRDC has increased more than 60 percent, bringing not only added diversity to the council, but new perspectives and views. Hundreds of visitors seek information on the GRDC Web site, every day.

Feedback Excellent for Diversity 2004
One of the primary objectives of GRDC conferences is to “break new ground and not be a “me too” organization,” said Streeter. “One can always expect to find bedrock material at all conferences but if we are to be of unique value to members and attendees, it is incumbent on us to figure out what the next levels and directions are in which we should be headed.”

To help achieve that conference organizers are currently evaluating feedback and comments from attendees, presenters and sponsors.

  • Comments have been overwhelmingly positive. “This was a great conference. I was able to identify take-home, applicable information from almost all presentations.”
  • Outstanding. Overall, I enjoyed all of the sessions I attended. Can’t wait until next year!
  • “This is one of the very best conferences I have attended. Money well spent. I just wish I could have attended all sessions. Excellent topics, excellent presentations. I look forward to next year’s.”
  • Very well organized and conducted conference. Generally, speakers were exceptional.
  • Overall, conference was helpful, informative, and energizing. Thank you.
  • It’s hard to pick just one great experience.The whole day was a truly enlightening experience.
  • It was an awesome experience!
  • Best experience – continued sharing and personal growth.
  • Best experience – networking with other health care professionals and experiencing the diversity amongst all of us.
  • My best experience today has been being among such diverse groups and listening to their own thoughts and opinions and learning from them, whether I agreed with them or not.
  • Great sessions. This conference was more inclusive that any I have attended. I also liked very much the fact that sessions were repeated – one could really attend most of the sessions one was interested in. Furthermore, the pace was perfect, no rush, time to enjoy everything.




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