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Trillium Health

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About the Trillium Health

Trillium Health was formed on January 1, 2010 as a result of the merger of AIDS Community Health Center and AIDS Rochester. It was created so that its parent organizations could most effectively use their combined resources to prevent additional HIV infection and provide the best services possible for those already infected.

Trillium met the challenge of HIV/AIDS head-on, during difficult times. That legacy forged Trillium into who they are today, providing care that pays attention to all aspects of well being – physical, social, and emotional. As they continue to provide the same value while expanding their comprehensive services to all the people in the Rochester community who are looking for an alternative kind of care in the convenience of one place. Services include primary medical care, lab services, on-site pharmacy, care management services, insurance assistance, supportive services (housing, transportation, support groups), behavioral wellness, health outreach education and prevention, STI testing, and harm reduction (opioid overdose prevention program, syringe exchange)  

Trillium Health specialize in meeting complex needs, and helping break down barriers to good health care. Trillium reaches out beyond their own spaces and into surrounding neighborhoods to help bring good health into the entire community through testing, education, outreach, harm reduction, and prevention.


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