January 25, 2011
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The New Face Of Bias In The Workplace / Part 1 - The Subtlety of Bias
By William (Bill) Shackelford
In April 1999 eight African American employees of the Coca-Cola Company filed suit on behalf of themselves and 2200 similarly situated colleagues alleging discrimination in pay, performance evaluations and promotions.  Coca-Cola denied the allegations but settled the case in late 2000 for $192.5M. >>>


Is Work Ethic Really the Issue?
By Robert W. Wendover
Much has been made about the lack of work ethic within the emerging generation. “These kids are lazy,” veteran employees will say. “They take the easy way out. They have no self-initiative.” Even managers in their twenties have been known to complain, “What’s wrong with this younger generation?” >>>


Ten Key Indicators of Workplace Morale and Involvement
By Simma Lieberman
If you want to create an inclusive workplace where employees love to do their best work, and customers love to do business, you may need a culture change. I’m often asked for a list of basic external indicators of how people feel about their organization, and whether or not they are happy at work. >>>

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MCC Exhibit Features Historical Collection of Rarely Seen Black American Art Now Open
During a time when African-American artists were overlooked in the mostly white art world, five black artists followed their vision and passion and paved the way for generations to follow. The Freedom Place Collection l opened January 24. >>>



Advocate for People with Disabilities to Receive One of Syracuse University’s Unsung Heroes Awards
From Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University
In recognition of her work as a passionate advocate for people with disabilities, Omolara Funmilola Akinpelu, Research Associate with the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University, has been selected as a recipient of Syracuse University’s 2011 Unsung Heroes Awards. >>>

Women Less Interested in Jobs Where Competition Determines Pay From the University of Chicago
Men are more likely than women to seek jobs in which competition with coworkers affects pay rates, a preference that might help explain persistent pay differences between men and women, a study at the University of Chicago shows. >>>


New AERA Research Volume Focuses on Diversity in Teacher Education
The American Educational Research Association released its new volume Studying Diversity in Teacher Education. Although there is a considerable body of knowledge on diversity in education, research focusing on diversity in teacher education is sparse. >>>


Focus on Black, Gay or Hispanic Men Troubling in Study of Macho Man
From Vanderbilt University
We all know how to spot a macho guy – right? He’s a man’s man with a certain swagger and a way with the ladies. Well, social scientists have a different opinion – one that perpetuates stereotypes about black, Hispanic and certain homosexual men. >>>

Beware the “Silver Tsunami” – the Boomers Turn 65 in 2011
from the University of Alabama at Birmingham
The start of the new year marks yet another milestone for America’s Baby Boom generation, one they are not likely to welcome. The first of the baby boomers turn 65 in 2011. The boomers are getting old. >>>

February 10, 2011 Free Webinar - Preparing for Work Force 2015—The Age of Human Potential


Director, Multicultural Center for Academic Success
RIT Assistant Vice President for HR
RIT Counselor/Academic Advisor
College at Brockport College Connection Testing Coordinator
MCC Assistant Engineer

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