April 25, 2011
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Call for Speakers! The Power of Inclusion Diversity 2011 Conference October 2 & 3 -- Proposals Due May 20.
DIversity2011The Workforce Diversity Network is pleased to invite presenters to submit proposals for its seventh major conference, The Power of Inclusion, October 2 & 3, at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, New York. See proposal instructions and convenient online form


Save the Date! Diversity 2011 Conference, The Power of Inclusion October 2 & 3
The Workforce Diversity Network will present its seventh major conference, The Power of Inclusion, October 2nd and 3rd at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester NY. The focus will be on processes and benefits of building diverse and inclusive organizations. >>>


The Levi Strauss & Co. Brand’s White Knot Campaign in Support of Marriage Equality -- A Talk with Enrique Atienza and Empty Closet
For two years, the Levi’s® brand has partnered White Knot for Equality to raise awareness about the important issue of marriage equality.  Every May, our Levi’s® stores hand out white ribbons to employees and shoppers to show our support for the fight for marriage equality. >>>


2011 Women Worth Watching Nominations - The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 13th, 2011
Profiles in Diversity Journal invites you to participate in its 10th Annual Women Worth Watching® special celebration issue by nominating one of your most influential senior women executives. Bring international acclaim to your company for promoting women leadership within your ranks. >>>


Bruce’s Diversity Detox: Tips for kicking habits of bias
#3) Decide what you want to accomplish in a confrontation
By Bruce Jacobs
Sooner or later, we all face confrontive situations. Getting what you want out of them begins with with choosing what you want. Let’s say a stranger behaves in an outrageously bigoted or stereotyped way toward you. You’re a black guest waiting in a hotel lobby and a white stranger walks up and asks you to help him with his bags. >>>


Thinking about Making Diversity Work:  Relationship and Learning
susanwoodsSusan Woods, Managing Partner, Henderson Woods
We often hear diversity practitioners say: “Diversity is part of the fabric of an organization.”  To me (this image) captures recognition of diversity as an integrated understanding that influences how people respect one another, how we interact on an everyday basis and professionally. >>>


By Joe Gerstandt
Want to know what my work is really all about?  Sweetness.  With a little help from one of my favorite authors, I will share an example of what I am talking about. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen walk into a bar…
No matter how wonderful carbon is, you cannot make sweetness with just carbon atoms…whether you have 100 of them, 1,000 of them, or 1,000,000 of them. >>>


Skills for Diversity Dialogue: How to Turn Moments of Tension into Opportunities for Understanding
Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
You are a manager who just gave an important presentation regarding goals for the next quarter. As you walk out of the meeting room, one of your direct reports says she is offended by your comment that the company’s new product would give the customer a real “bang for the buck.” What do you do? >>>


Diversity and Inclusion: The Ultimate Question, Time to Be Brutally Honest!
By Mauricio Velásquez, MBA
Is what we are doing (those in the D&I field) really making a difference? Well, unfortunately the answer depends.  Let me “slice and dice” this question.  I am tired of the literature opposed to our work and our field. >>>


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Improving the Information Systems Workplace Can Women’s Issues Become Men’s Issues Too?
From the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
When researchers asked managers in the information systems field about the challenges women in the profession face, they uncovered a serious gender gap: male and female managers think about the problem in very different ways. >>>

Gender Stereotypes Could Push Women Away From Entrepreneurship
Binghamton University, State University of New York
Vishal Gupta believes the way that entrepreneurship is presented, discussed and taught must change — especially for women. “Where are the role models for women?” asks Gupta, an assistant professor of strategy at Binghamton University. >>>


May 3, 2011
Up Front and Personal

Chief Executive Officer for GIrl Scouts of Western Washington
Technical Services Assistant - Goodwin Procter
Senior Web Developer - Goodwin Procter
Senior Lit Tech Specialist - Godwin Procter

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