November 7, 2013
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Calendar of Events

Racial Equity and Systems Change: Principles into Practice
Wednesday, November 20

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Racial Equity and Systems Change:
Principles Into Practice

On November 20, Cheri Brown, Founder and CEO of National Coalition Building Institute International, will present the keynote for the NCBI Rochester 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner!
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October Meeting Thanks

Thank you United Way of Greater Rochester for hosting our October meeting. Attended by members from 10 organizations.

The focus of this meeting was “Part Two” of the presentation of three recently released interactive workshops on diversity, inclusion and authenticity by Joe Gerstandt, the closing keynote speaker at our last conference. [ Read more ]

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A New Contributor Joins Expert Forum!
We are pleased to welcome Shilpa Pherwani to Expert Forum. This central resource of articles and contributions from 19 acknowledged experts in the field of diversity and inclusion is updated monthly.

Shilpa Pherwani, the principal of IBIS and a leading expert in diversity and inclusion, has been guiding global organizations for over 12 years on leveraging diversity as a business advantage. An organizational psychologist by training, she partners with organizations to effect sustainable organizational change by conducting cultural assessments, developing comprehensive strategic diversity action plans, and designing compelling and interactive classroom-based and online training. [ Read more ]

Top 5 Solutions to Make Your Global Diversity and Inclusion Training Less U.S.
By NEW Expert Forum Member Shilpa Pherwani
Global companies founded in the U.S. have traditionally exported U.S. approaches to project management, team design and communication to their locations outside of the U.S. Has the same approach been applied to diversity training? [ Continue reading ]


Tension Happens! What to Do When Conversations Go Wrong
By Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.

Do you have any moments in your past that still make you wince with discomfort? I sure do. The three I am thinking of (and wincing about) right now involve times when I inadvertently said something that offended someone or hurt their feelings. [ Continue reading ]


How does your organization make decisions?
By Joe Gerstandt
You have likely heard this phrase:
A person’s eyes are the window to their soul.”
I have another version:
How an organization makes decisions is a window into its culture.”
How does your organization make decisions? How do you deal with disagreement? [ Continue reading ]


The Business Case for the 50+ Worker on November 12 at The Strathallan Hotel will discuss why older workers have the skills and strengths that can make them the most valuable people on the job. [ Learn more ]



Administrative Assistant - Advanced Atomization Technologies

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Gateways to Inclusion: Turning Tense Moments into Productive Conversations
By Sondra Thiederman, PhD
This is the new diversity and inclusion training video from SunShower Learning, the Gateways video shows how painful and disruptive diversity disasters can be, and offers simple tools to help your people turn these uncomfortable situations into productive conversations. [ Learn more and buy ]

I Remember When...The Generational Trivia Challenge

The perfect training game for promoting understanding across the generations. Use it as a source of education and entertainment for classes, retreats, training, and other corporate gatherings. [ Learn more and buy ]


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