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Design Engineer
Advanced Atomization Technologies
Quality Engineer
Advanced Atomization Technologies 
Assistant to the President, Human Resources and Organizational Development
Monroe Community College
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September 18-19

2014 PRSA Northeast 
District Conference
Communicating with Diverse Audiences [ more info ]


Now – October 5

Exhibit: "Beyond Rochester’s ’64 Riots: 50 Years Seeking to Make One City Out of Two"
The news stories reported that on a hot July evening, a small street dance party suddenly transformed into an angry mob scene of several thousand citizens countered by all available Rochester law enforcement. [ more info ]

November 18

Institute for Innovative Transition Annual Institute
Join us for the Institute for Innovative Transition’s 2014 Annual Institute. Designed for parents, students, and professionals, it will focus on inclusive higher education and transition. [ more info ]

Learn More about Communicating with Diverse Audiences

Mike Streeter, Executive Director of the Workforce Diversity Network, will participate on the expert panel "Communicating with Diverse Audiences" on September 18 as part of a half-day Diversity Workshop at the 2014 PRSA Northeast District Conference.
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June Meeting Thanks

Thanks to LDA Life and Learning Services for hosting our June meeting on “July ’64; 50 Years of Progress?” Attendees viewed and discussed the film “July ’64,” which tells the story of a historic three-day race riot that erupted in two African American neighborhoods in Rochester. [ Read More ]

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Disability is a Little Different
By Gary Karp
As people with disabilities continue to take their place on the diversity spectrum, there are some unique characteristics worth considering that set them apart from other segments. The first is that people with disabilities are not just part of the diversity spectrum, they contain the diversity spectrum.
[ Continue Reading ]

The Economic Power of the LGBT Market
By Stan Kimer
Companies are always looking for new and fast growing markets to grow their businesses.  One of the fastest growing, more dynamic, most loyal, lucrative market segments to pursue is the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) marketplace.
[ Continue Reading ]
Executive Coaching
By Mauricio Velásquez
In my nearly 25-year career as a Diversity and Inclusion Trainer, Diversity Strategist, Expert Witness, Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainer, Mentoring and Trust Trainer and Executive Coach, I have never seen the demand for our "coaching and 360 assessment services" explode like they have the last several months. [ Continue Reading ]

Decidiphobia: Getting Today's Digital Natives to Think for Themselves
By Robert W. Wendover
Let’s face it. Advances in technology have always been a mixed blessing. It is no different with today’s digital applications. On one hand, they save us hours and energy on the tasks that used to require manual labor. [ Continue Reading ]



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Inclusion Insights - Stereotypes, Lazy Brains & Unintentional Intolerance – By Steve RobbinsInclusion Insights is a new training program featuring Steve Robbins, the innovative speaker / socio-scientist storyteller who coined the phrase Unintentional Intolerance. Did we mention he's also very funny?
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I Remember When...The Generational Trivia Challenge is the perfect training game for promoting understanding across the generations. Use it as a source of education and entertainment for classes, retreats, training, and other corporate gatherings. Create competitions between co-workers, class members, teams, departments, divisions, and even customers. [ Learn more and buy ]

Anyone Can Be An Ally – By Brian McNaught
In this comprehensive training program, Brian McNaught demonstrates how anyone can be an ally to create a respectful workplace that is inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender co-workers.
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