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Now – November 16

Question Bridge: Black Males
Discussionsevery Wednesdays andFridays at 7:00 p.m. led by a different community leader / educator. First Friday Artist Discussion with Carvin Eison, Luvon Shepard and Garth Fagan is on November 7 at 7:00 p.m. [ more info ]


November 4

GETTING TO EQUITY: Finding Common Ground
Through interactive exercises, we will explore what it takes to bridge the gap between desire and action; between fitting in and belonging; between being on the outside and being at the center. [ more info ]


November 6-9

Leadership for Diversity Institute
NCBI is excited to be offering our 4 day Leadership for Diversity Training Institute focusing on NCBI skills and principles for building strong communities! [ more info ]

November 18

Institute for Innovative Transition Annual Institute
Join us for the Institute for Innovative Transition’s 2014 Annual Institute. Designed for parents, students, and professionals, it will focus on inclusive higher education and transition. [ more info ]

August and September Meeting Thanks

At our August meeting, hosted by the YMCA of Greater Rochester, we began a series of group discussions guided by a set of nine questions that the leadership of an organization must answer BEFORE implementing diversity and inclusion training.

Our September meeting was hosted by the University of Rochester, Warner School of Education in LeChase Hall, with a focus on the second of two sessions of “Premature Diversity Training” by Joe Gerstandt. [ Read More ]

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Got an eye for “talent?” Better check that bias blind spot.
By Joe Gerstandt
Some of the folks that I get the most resistance from when talking about bias are recruiters and hiring managers. They love to say things like “bigotry is stupid and bad business,” and “I just want to hire the best person for the job,” and “I don’t care about race.”
[ Continue Reading ]

A closer look at losers
By Bruce A. Jacobs
I want to talk about a social grouping that we rarely discuss in anything but the most banal terms: losers. I mean losers as opposed to winners. I mean those two terms in all of the manufactured and biased ways in which we define them: by money, power, luck, athletic competition, academic success, social stature, attractiveness, popularity. [ Continue Reading ]
Components of and Audience for Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Training
By Stan Kimer
When asked to submit a bid to a Fortune 500 firm for design and delivery of a one-day diversity and inclusion workshop for middle managers, I studied my past material, prepared my bid, and concluded that successful and compelling diversity training needs to contain three major components that I call heart, mind and action. [ Continue Reading ]
Toxic Employees, Toxic Workplaces
By Mauricio Velásquez
Toxic employees are trying to “take over” and create toxic workplaces.  As a diversity trainer, sexual harassment prevention trainer, consultant, executive coach, and expert witness, for twenty five years now, so much of my work points to one emerging phenomenon – toxic employees, toxic workplaces, are on the rise! 
[ Continue Reading ]



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DVD–Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World – By Leslie Aguilar
The book provides guidelines for communicating respect and inclusion, a six-step model for how to recover when you have unintentionally said something you wish you hadn't and your foot is in your mouth, and 12 techniques for speaking up against bias and stereotypes. [ Learn more and buy ]


DVD–Ouch! Your Silence Hurts – By Leslie Aguuilar
Continuing the conversation that OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts started, this explores the high cost of silent collusion and the power of the bystander to make a positive difference.
[ Learn more and buy ]


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