Posted: 10/27/16

Seven Up-To-Date Resources for LGBTQA Rights

The LGBTQA community has seen some dramatic legal changes over the last few years. OpenEducators has been working on a summer project collecting up-to-date information on what’s changed, how the new policies work, and ways to use this new legislation to fight discrimination. The following links are resources that hopefully you will find informative and helpful.

  1. Same Sex Marriage Discrimination Guide
  2. What You Should Know About EEOC and the Enforcement Protections for LGBT Workers
  3. Fair Housing for the LGBTQ Community
  4. North Carolina’s Controversial ‘Anti-LGBT’ Bill Explained
  5. Discrimination and Addiction: How to Overcome Prejudice Without Relying on Drugs or Alcohol
  6. Strengthening Child Welfare Systems by Resisting LGBT Discrimination
  7. LGBTQ Foster and Adoption Laws by State


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