Jonamay (Joni) Lambert, Founder and CEO of Jonamay Lambert & Associates

With 30 years of experience, Jonamay has engaged with a broad range of industries in the Fortune 500, 100 and many of the Top 50 companies recognized by Diversity, Inc. Her mission is to ensure every person has the opportunity to contribute fully and feels valued, respected and heard. Jonamay is recognized for designing an integrated enterprise-wide D&I strategy based on business objectives that drive outcomes. She and the Lambert Associates provide support through exceptional consulting, including the development of business case, design, and facilitation of D&I education and coaching.
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A Challenging 2017 for Transgender and LGTBQ People and Recent Events
Same Words, Opposing Meanings

3962 Steubenville Road, Freedom, IN  47431
(847) 691-9828
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