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Steve Hanamura
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Steve Hanamura is president of Hanamura Consulting, Inc., a firm he founded in 1986. Steve brings over 30 years experience to the consulting, training and speaking profession. He is widely sought after in the areas of leadership development, managing and leading diversity initiatives, building effective teams, managing personal and organizational change and working with generational differences. Full Bio


Pillars of Diversity

Three Topics I Learned to Avoid as a Child

Coming Together as One: Race in America

I've been thinking...

Coming Together as One: Race in America

Leadership, Conflict and Character Analysis

Does Race Really Matter?
From Breakdown to Breakthrough: A Story of Inclusion

Creating the Framework for the D&I Fractioned

Addressing and Resolving Differences - A National Conversation
The Changing Face of Diversity
From Exclusion to Inclusion
Can we talk?
Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive Workforce
Dates to Remember


Hanamura Consulting, Inc.
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Beaverton, OR 97005

Telephone (503) 297-8658
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Steve's training program –
From Breakdown to Breakthrough:
A Story of Inclusion

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