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Julie M. O’Mara

Julie O’Mara is president of O’Mara and Associates, an organizational development consulting firm specializing in leadership, facilitation, and managing diversity. An associate of the Management Research Group, she is certified to use its Leadership 360® process.  She is the former director of communications for The Marmon Group, a billion-dollar international conglomerate.  She began her career in marketing communications at Whirlpool Corporation. Read full bio »


Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World


Julie O'Mara
O'Mara and Associates
2124 Water Rail Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV 89084
Business:  702-541-8920
Mobile:  702-335-9959
Fax:  702-541-8830
SKYPE: julieomara

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