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William (Bill) Shackelford, Jr.

Mr. William (Bill) Shackelford is the president and founder of IEC Enterprises, Inc. – a multicultural human resources consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.  In addition, Bill is Managing Partner of GlobalOrg Solutions, LLC – a technology-based company providing innovative solutions to information and people management challenges. Bill has supported the diversity needs of scores of Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and universities since 1988 Read Full Bio


Conversations in Depth –
Importance of Identifying and Focusing on Common Ground

Moderator: Bill Shackelford | Guest: Dr. Sondra Thiederman


Improving the Efficiency and Success of Your Diversity Recruiting Efforts

My Dream About the KKK Takes Me Back To The Future
The New Face of Bias In The Workplace - 2012 / Part 2 - The Mishandling Of Bias

The New Face Of Bias In The Workplace - 2011 / Part 1 - The Subtlety of Bias

Strategic Diversity Recruiting Process
It’s the Process That Creates Success
Doing Diversity In Tough Economic Times 5 Ways to Keep Your Diversity Initiative Alive


William (Bill) Shackelford
Managing Partner
Atlanta Consulting & Training Alliance

GlobalOrg Solutions, LLC
3735 Memorial Drive, Suite 125
Decatur, GA 30032
(404) 289-9692 (office)
(404) 289-9465 (fax)

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