Dr. Sondra Thiederman

Dr. Sondra Thiederman is one of the nation’s leading experts on workplace diversity, cross-cultural business, and bias reduction. As President of Cross-Cultural Communications, a San Diego based training firm, Sondra has 25 years experience as a speaker, trainer, and author helping professionals in Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations, and dozens of associations find ways to successfully navigate our increasingly-diverse workplaces.

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Interview with Sondra – "Defeating Unconscious Bias"


Conversations in Depth – Importance of Identifying and Focusing on Common Ground
Moderator: Bill Shackelford | Guest: Dr. Sondra Thiederman


Unconscious Bias: The Contact Solution

The Power of the Negative
Defeating Unconscious Bias Training Program Interview with Dr Sondra Thiederman
Think About Who You Know: A Key to Defeating Unconscious Bias
Time: Your Weapon Against Bias
Your Fears: Name Them and Defeat Them

Tension Happens! What to Do When Conversations Go Wrong

Communicating with Respect: The Key to Effective Dialogue

Cultivating Common Ground: Key to Innovation

"Managing Bias: The Key Component of Corporate
Culture Change"
"Conversation With a Purpose"
"The Promise of Profitability: Avoiding the Price of Bias"
“Guerilla Bias”™: Diversity’s Hidden Enemy
Skills for Diversity Dialogue: How to Turn Moments of Tension into Opportunities for Understanding
“How to Dissect and Defeat Your Biases”
How to Defeat Unconscious Bias
‘Bias-Spotter Partnerships’: Calling Your Team to Action
Fake It Till You Make It: The Practical Bias Solution
Forging Shared “Kinship Groups”: How to Defeat Bias in Your Workplace
Five Ways to Tell If a Comment or Action Is Offensive
Tips for Improving Communication in a Diverse Healthcare Environment
The ‘Magic If’: Achieving Empathy in Your Diverse Workplace
The Vision Renewal Process: How to Achieve Bias-Free Leadership
"Hidden Biases: The Most Dangerous Enemy"
"A Little Knowledge...."
“Improving Relationships Among Culturally Diverse Staff”
“Managing New Americans…”


Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
Cross-Cultural Communications
4585 48th Street
San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: 619-583-4478, ext. 1  
FAX:  619-583-0304
Social Networking: LinkedIn

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