Posted: 12/12/17

Multicultural and Diversity Guide for Students

The Importance of Attending an Inclusive School

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Empirical studies have shown that socializing and interacting with those of a different race has a positive personal and academic influence on students. Benefits include improve academic development, increased cultural awareness, satisfaction with the college experience and desire to promote racial acceptance. Of course, diversity doesn’t just have to refer to different races, but other groups, lifestyles and cultures as well.

What is Multicultural and Diverse? What is “Inclusive?”

“Multicultural” is defined as relating to or made up of several cultural or ethnic groups within a society. “Diverse” means to show a great deal of variety. Being poised to embrace that variety, various cultures, different beliefs and attitudes, and so much more is a sign of a truly “inclusive” school. 

On every college campus, there is someone who fits the definition of diverse or multicultural. From women to minorities, from those who identify as gay or lesbian to those who are disabled, the differences in our culture is what makes us so unique and interesting. An inclusive school is a place that embraces all and finds ways to celebrate differences in the classroom, on the campus, and in the greater community. 

Here are just a few of the populations that might benefit from the welcoming atmosphere of an inclusive college or university.

Finding the Best Fit: Searching for an Inclusive and Diverse School

Determining which colleges and universities are truly inclusive can be tough. Every school wants to project an air of openness, and it can be very easy to talk the talk. Which colleges actually walk the walk? Search for these key points to help narrow down the
schools that are truly inclusive and open to everyone.


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