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From Breakdown to Breakthrough: A Story of Inclusion

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Power of Inclusion Conference News September 28, 2011
Power of Inclusion Conference News September 13, 2011
Power of Inclusion Conference News September 6, 2011

News - August 2011

Enewsletter for Diversity 2011 Power of Inclusion Conference August 16
Enewsletter for Diversity 2011 Power of Inclusion Conference August 30

News - July 2011
Enewsletter for Diversity 2011 Power of Inclusion Conference
News - July 2011
Forbes Insights Study Identifies Strong Link between Diverse Talent and Innovation - Survey pinpoints the need to create a clear business case for supporting diversity and inclusion programs worldwide
How Jay-Z, Eminem, and Steve Jobs Can Bring Us Salvation By  Simma Lieberman

What to Do with the Digitally Absorbed Communicator By Robert W. Wendover

Five Reasons The Term "Employee Engagement" Makes Me Feel Disengaged By Simma LIeberman
“Guerilla Bias”™: Diversity’s Hidden Enemy By Sondra Thiederman

UALR Establishes Race and Ethnicity Institute From: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Documentary History of Women and Slavery in America Published by University of Arkansas PressFrom the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Is Coming Out Always a Good Thing? Disclosing Sexual Orientation Makes People Even Happier Than Thought, But Mainly in Supportive Settings From the University of Rochester

Muslim-American Encyclopedia Racks Up Awards, From the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Cultural, ethnic and gender stereotypes can significantly distort clinical judgments about "facially masked" patients with Parkinson's disease

Flexible Schedule is Key to Keeping Working Moms on the Job, From Baylor University

News - June 2011
Phenomenal Response to Call for Speakers!
New! Diversity Leader Series - Meet Vivian Lewis - She Leads the University of Rochester's Faculty Development and Diversity Initiatives
Article - Beyond Our View
Article - D&I Success has a lot to do with Leadership and Execution!
Bruce's Diversity Detox: Tips for kicking habits of bias
#4) Don't believe what you believe

Phyllis Wade Albro Named Isaac L. Jordan Faculty/Staff Diversity Award Winner

Candice Baldwin has been named the new director of RIT's Multicultural Center for Academic Success
YMCA of Greater Rochester Announces Enhancement of Diversity Scholarship Winner

The 2011 Spelman College Leadership and Women of Color Conference Tells Women Why It’s Important to Put ‘Self’ First From Spelman College

Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks
From Tufts University

Iowa’s First Latino Majority Town Is Sign of Midwest’s Growing Diversity
From the University of Iowa

Gender Stereotypes About Math Develop as Early as Second Grade
From Washington University

Poll Shows Young People More Positive Toward Immigrants and Minorities From Hamilton College

News - May 2011
News - April 2011
Call for Speakers! The Power of Inclusion Diversity 2011 Conference October 2 & 3 -- Proposals Due May 20.
Save the Date! Diversity 2011 Conference, The Power of Inclusion October 2 & 3
Bruce’s Diversity Detox: Tips for kicking habits of bias
#3) Decide what you want to accomplish in a confrontation

Thinking about Making Diversity Work:  Relationship and Learning

Skills for Diversity Dialogue: How to Turn Moments of Tension into Opportunities for Understanding
Diversity and Inclusion: The Ultimate Question, Time to Be Brutally Honest!
Improving the Information Systems Workplace Can Women’s Issues Become Men’s Issues Too?
Gender Stereotypes Could Push Women Away From Entrepreneurship
News - February/March 2011
New Interactive Training Program Now Available for Your Worksite - "Diversity Means All of Us"
Meet Redia Anderson! Expert Forum's Newest Contributor
Making Connections Series Winter/Spring Announced
Article: Seven Moves from the Trailblazers CEO Playbook to Drive Results through Inclusion and Diversity By Redia Anderson
From Exclusion to Inclusion By Steve Hanamura

Cultural Competency — Is it the third wave of diversity? Barry Cross, Jr.

Creating a Welcoming Environment for Gay Employees By Brian McNaught
Baby Boomers Turning 65; What Does It Mean for Us?From the University at Buffalo
Minority Women Entrepreneurs: How Outsider Status Can Lead To Better Business Practices From Babson College
Untold White House African American History Revealed
From American University
News - January 2011
The New Face Of Bias In The Workplace / Part 1 - The Subtlety of Bias
By William (Bill) Shackelford
Ten Key Indicators of Workplace Morale and Involvement By Simma Lieberman
Advocate for People with Disabilities to Receive One of Syracuse University’s Unsung Heroes Awards --Syracuse University
Focus on Black, Gay or Hispanic Men Troubling in Study of Macho Man -- Vanderbilt University
New AERA Research Volume Focuses on Diversity in Teacher Education --AERA
January 19, 2011 - Understanding and Managing GLBT Issues in the Workplace
February 10, 2011 - Free Webinar - Preparing for Work Force 2015—The Age of Human Potential
Women Less Interested in Jobs Where Competition Determines Pay
University of Chicago
Beware the “Silver Tsunami” – the Boomers Turn 65 in 2011-- UnIversity of Alabama

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